On burst-header contention-resolution in OBS networks

Hui-Tang Lin, Wang Rong Chang, Tse Sheng Lin

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Advances in enabling technologies and the explosive growth of Internet traffic has led to the widespread proliferation of network systems in recent years. With their relatively low cost, high throughputs, high-bandwidth utilization, and low-transmission latency, Optical Burst Switching (OBS) networks represent an ideal solution for next-generation Internet applications. However, in OBS networks, Burst Header Packet (BHP) contentions occur when two or more BHPs are switched simultaneously to the same output port of a given core node. These contention events result in significant losses of the corresponding data burst. Accordingly, this study presents a Store-and-forward COntention-REsolution mechanism, designated as SCORE, which utilizes fiber delay line buffers to resolve the BHP collision problem, thereby minimizing the burst loss rate. The results of a series of simulations performed using an OIRC OBS-ns simulator confirm the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed scheme.

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期刊Photonic Network Communications
出版狀態Published - 2008 10月 1

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