On security preparations against possible is threats across industries

Arthur Jung Ting Chang, Quey Jen Yeh

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Purpose - Modernized information systems (IS) have brought enterprises not only enormous benefits, but also linked information threats. Most enterprises solve their IS security-related problems using technical means alone, and focus on technical rather than managerial controls, which may imply potential crises. This study examines whether the security preparation of firms matches the severity of IS threats they perceive in developing countries, especially in issues concerning "people" and "administration". Additionally, this study discusses appropriate threat mitigation strategies for the four sectors as well. Design/methodology/approach - Using an empirical study, this study explores the past and current concerns of IS threats of firms in different industries, and the countermeasures prepared by them to protect themselves from such threats. The empirical data was provided by 109 Taiwanese enterprises from four sectors. Findings - The analytical results revealed the differences in both the IS threats concerned and the security scopes prepared among the four sectors. Moreover, the preparation scopes were not commensurate with the perceived severity of threats. All four industries rated the network as posing the strongest threat, following regulation and personnel issues, while among the countermeasures in use, these three issues have larger application deficiencies. Originality/value - This study concludes that the firms do not well prepare themselves against IS threats entailed to non-technical administration issues and discusses appropriate threat mitigation strategies for the four sectors. Specifically, firms should be aware of IS threats to their business and prepare suitable security protections.

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期刊Information Management and Computer Security
出版狀態Published - 2006

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