On the range of validity and accuracy of Boussinesq-type models

Tai Wen Hsu, Bin-Da Yang, I. Fan Tseng

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In this paper the range of validity and comparison of accuracy of three Boussinesq-type models (Madsen and Sørensen, 1992; Nwogu, 1993; Wei et al., 1995; referred to as MS, NW and WKGS, respectively) are analyzed and discussed. The governing equations are extended to the second-order approximations to keep higher-order nonlinear terms. Two key parameters ε and μ representing wave nonlinear and frequency dispersive properties are used to demarcate the limit of applicability for these three models. The accuracy of predictions by each model is compared by the relative errors with and without higher-order nonlinear terms in Boussinesq equations. A numerical model is developed based on one-dimensional Boussinesq equations and applied to the case of waves propagating over a submerged bar. The performance and feasibility of each model are tested against laboratory data.

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期刊China Ocean Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2004 三月 1

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