On the variable-depth-search heuristic for the linear-cost generalized assignment problem

Bertrand M.T. Lin, Y. S. Huang, H. K. Yu

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The classical assignment problem seeks to determine a mapping between a set of assignees and a set of assignments. The linear cost assignment problem (LCGAP), as a generalized model, incorporates the relative workloads between assignees and assignments. Although LCGAP is computationally intractable, it has been extensively studied because of its practical implications in many real world situations. Variable-depth-search heuristic (VDSH) method is one of the solution methods that have been developed to produce quality near-optimal solutions to LCGAP. The main structure of VDSH consists of two basic operations: reassign and swap. In this paper, we make further observations on this effective heuristic method through a series of computational experiments. The numerical results statistically evince that different combinations of these two operations will result in solutions of different quality levels. These findings are expected to have similar implications to search heuristics for other optimization problems.

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期刊International Journal of Computer Mathematics
出版狀態Published - 2001

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