On waves propagating over a submerged poro-elastic structure

Yuan Jyh Lan, Jaw Fang Lee

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In this paper, the problem of incident waves propagating over a submerged poro-elastic structure is studied theoretically. A linear wave theory is used to describe the wave motion. The submerged poro-elastic structure is modeled based on Biot's theory, in which the fluid motion is described using the potential wave theory of Sollitt and Cross (1972). In the present approach, the problem domain is divided into four subregions. Using general solutions for each region and matching dynamic and kinematic conditions for neighboring regions, analytic solutions are derived for the wave fields and poro-elastic structure. The present analytic solutions compare very well with simplified cases of impermeable, rigid structures, and with those of porous structures. Using the present analytic solution, the effects of a poro-elastic submerged structure on waves are studied. The results show that softer poro-elastic structures can induce higher reflection and lower transmission from incident waves. For low permeability conditions, the elasticity of the structure can induce resonance, while higher permeability can depress the resonant effects.

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期刊Ocean Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2010 六月 1

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