Operation strategy of hybrid harmonic filter in demand-side system

Chin E. Lin, Wei Fu Su, Shun Li Lu, Chin Lin Chen, Ching Lien Huang

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The passive power filter has the following problems: (a) the source impedance may strongly affect the filtering characteristics, and (b) it may cause a series resonance and/or a parallel resonance to distort voltages. These disadvantages of the passive power filter can be improved by the combined use of the active and passive power filters and by appropriately coordinating their operations. To harmonics generated by the nonlinear load, the varying frequency components are compensated by the active power filter and the fixed frequency components by the passive power filters of the proposed method. This provides a good harmonic compensation over the entire operation range for the irregularly varying frequency harmonic current generated by the nonlinear load. In addition, this arrangement suppresses parallel and series resonances. In this paper, operation and control strategy for the proposed hybrid filter is analyzed and simulated.

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期刊Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society)
出版狀態Published - 1995 十二月 1
事件Conference Record of the 1995 IEEE Industry Applications 30th IAS Annual Meeting. Part 3 (of 3) - Orlando, FL, USA
持續時間: 1995 十月 81995 十月 12

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