Optical-gyroscope application of efficient crossed-channel acoustooptic devices

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An acoustooptic (AO) deflector/modulator using a single-mode crossed-channel waveguide of 2Δn type and an interdigital transducer is fabricated in a Y-Z LiNbO3 substrate. This module has shown a high diffraction efficiency. A 50% diffraction efficiency and a bandwidth of 13.4 MHz were obtained with 0.13 W of surface-acoustic wave power centered at 320MHz. Since the cross section of the channel waveguide and that of the optical fiber are comparable, the interfacting of the resultant acoustooptic devices with fiber optical systems would greatly simplified. In addition, the frequency-shifted optical beam can be conveniently used as a reference signal or local oscillator in heterodyne detection. Consequently, this cross-channel acoustooptic device should find a variety of applications in realizing an integrated-optics module with a 50-50% power slit, optical communication, and an optical fiber system. One of those applications, optical gyroscopes, is proposed by using this kind of crossed-channel AO device.

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期刊Applied Physics B Photophysics and Laser Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 1984 10月 1

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