Optimal estimation for the Fujino–Morley interpolation error constants

Shih Kang Liao, Yu Chen Shu, Xuefeng Liu

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The quantitative estimation for the interpolation error constants of the Fujino–Morley interpolation operator is considered. To give concrete upper bounds for the constants, which is reduced to the problem of providing lower bounds for eigenvalues of bi-harmonic operators, a new algorithm based on the finite element method along with verified computation is proposed. In addition, the quantitative analysis for the variation of eigenvalues upon the perturbation of the shape of triangles is provided. Particularly, for triangles with longest edge length less than one, the optimal estimation for the constants is provided. An online demo with source codes of the constants calculation is available at http://www.xfliu.org/onlinelab/.

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期刊Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
出版狀態Published - 2019 7月 1

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