Orchid genomes and orchid evolution

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Orchidaceae constitute one of the largest families of angiosperms. Being a class of valuable ornamental plants with distinct and attractive flowers, orchid is viewed as a high value commodity in the global flower cultivation and landscaping industries. They are also highly sought for as food and traditional medicine. The availability of orchid reference genomes has ushered in a new era of orchid genomics and evolution. These genome sequences provide insight into architecture, evolution and novel aspects of orchid genomes such as the retention of novel morphological traits after whole genome duplication events. The next stage of orchid genomics will require draft genome refinement, and broadly sequencing key species genome in different orchid subfamilies to better understand the complexities of these highly diverse genomes. This information will provide a broad scope for study of orchid biology and serve as a starting point for uncovering the mysteries of orchid evolution.

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