Overview of an arithmetic design system

D. E. Atkins, W. Liu, S. Ong

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This paper describes an evolving Arithmetic Design System (ADS) to support the quantitative evaluation of alternate number systems with respect to a given application and realization technology. A finite number system is a tuple consisting of a symbol set (elements are called "digit-vectors"), an interpretation set, a mapping between these two sets, and a set of operators ("digit-vector algorithms") defined on the symbol set. A set of these digit vector algorithms are proposed for conducting arithmetic design and for computing time and space complexity of compositions of these algorithms. Once a transition has been made from arithmetic design to logic design, a sub-system of the ADS provides a estimate of time and space complexity with respect to a PLA-base of implementation.

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期刊Proceedings - Design Automation Conference
出版狀態Published - 1981 6月 29
事件DAC 1981 - the 18th Design Automation Conference - Nashville, United States
持續時間: 1981 6月 291981 7月 1

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