Parametric Study on Reduction of SO2Emissions in a Coal-Fired Pulsating Combustor

M. R. Wang, K. C. Chang, W. C. Chang

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Controlling SO2 emissions in an unpulverized-coal-fired Rijke-type pulsating combustor is performed by burning with the limestone or dolomite additive. A series of parametric study are conducted to better understand the performance and mechanisms of the SO2 capturing process in the pulsating combustor. Results show that the SO2 reduction efficiency is dependent on the mass ratio of additive to the sulfur in fuel, but independent on the type of calcium carbonate additives. Particle size of additives has significant effect on SO2reduction efficiency particularly in small size subrange. The SO2 capturing process is proved to be diffusion-controlling in the present pulsating combustor. It is found that the presence of CO in the combustor suppresses the SO2 reduction capability.

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期刊Combustion science and technology
出版狀態Published - 1993 4月 1

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