Parotid warthin's tumor with false-negative radionuclide scanning - Case report

M. Y. Lin, Wen-Yuan Chao

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Warthin's tumor, a slow-growing, well-capsulated discrete salivary tumor, occurs most often in parotid gland because of its unique pathogenesis during embryogenetic period. Its occurrence is less than that of mixed tumor only and accounts for about 2-10% of benign neoplasm in parotid gland. Technetium, a radionuclide material, is well up-took by this tumor with high specificity and showing hot area. Thus, the radionuclide scanning is useful as a preoperative evaluating tool. In January 1997, we experienced a 35- year-old man with left infra-auricular mass for 3 years. He came to us because of its rapid growing. Local examination revealed a parotid tail tumor with mild tenderness. There was no infection sign or facial palsy. Radionuclide scanning showed a 'cold pattern' over the tumor area. Superficial parotidectomy including the tumor was performed. However, the histopathology revealed Warthin's tumor. Due to the unusually negative radionuclide scanning, the specialty, diagnosis and treatment of this patient were discussed.

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期刊Journal of the Otolaryngological Society of the Republic of China
出版狀態Published - 1998 一月 1

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