Particle dynamics in chirped-frequency fluctations

C. T. Hsu, C. Z. Cheng, P. Helander, D. J. Sigmar, R. White

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Hamiltonian systems describing particle motion in a wave with time-dependent (chirped) frequency are studied. The wave is found to form a single-node separatrix (bucket) moving in the phase space at a rate proportional to that of the frequency change. Particles trapped inside the bucket undergo convection, while untrapped particles colliding with the bucket get a resonant kick, in phase space. In toroidal systems, these effects can result in a large radial convective flux roughly proportional to the size of the bucket and the frequency chirping. Possible applications of this novel mechanism to tokamak plasmas are discussed.

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期刊Physical review letters
出版狀態Published - 1994

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