Pathogenic Protist Transmembranome database (PPTdb): A web-based platform for searching and analysis of protist transmembrane proteins

Chi Ching Lee, Po Jung Huang, Yuan Ming Yeh, Sin You Chen, Cheng Hsun Chiu, Wei Hung Cheng, Petrus Tang

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Background: Pathogenic protist membrane transporter proteins play important roles not only in exchanging molecules into and out of cells but also in acquiring nutrients and biosynthetic compounds from their hosts. Currently, there is no centralized protist membrane transporter database published, which makes system-wide comparisons and studies of host-pathogen membranomes difficult to achieve. Results: We analyzed over one million protein sequences from 139 protists with full or partial genome sequences. Putative transmembrane proteins were annotated by primary sequence alignments, conserved secondary structural elements, and functional domains. We have constructed the PPTdb (Pathogenic Protist Transmembranome database), a comprehensive membrane transporter protein portal for pathogenic protists and their human hosts. The PPTdb is a web-based database with a user-friendly searching and data querying interface, including hierarchical transporter classification (TC) numbers, protein sequences, functional annotations, conserved functional domains, batch sequence retrieving and downloads. The PPTdb also serves as an analytical platform to provide useful comparison/mining tools, including transmembrane ability evaluation, annotation of unknown proteins, informative visualization charts, and iterative functional mining of host-pathogen transporter proteins. Conclusions: The PPTdb collected putative protist transporter proteins and offers a user-friendly data retrieving interface. Moreover, a pairwise functional comparison ability can provide useful information for identifying functional uniqueness of each protist. Finally, the host and non-host protein similarity search can fulfill the needs of comprehensive studies of protists and their hosts. The PPTdb is freely accessible at

期刊BMC Bioinformatics
出版狀態Published - 2019 7月 24

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