PC-based distributed parallel processing for real-time simulation of spacecraft attitude control

Yiing Yuh Lin, Sern Sih Liu

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This paper presents the study of a personal computer (PC) based platform for the real-time simulation of a dynamic system. The platform consists of three parts: the digital controller module, the dynamics/ environment module, and the AD/DA interface module. First two modules are the software simulation programs and are hosted by two separate 486 PCs. The third module includes four interface cards and respective driving software, where two of the cards are for digital-to-analog data conversion and the other two cards are for analog-to-digital data conversion. Connecting the two 486 PCs with the interface module allows the platform to closely emulate the hardware/software interactions between the controller and the dynamics of an actual system. Under the proposed configuration, the platform performs the simulation in a distributed parallel processing fashion as the controller module and the dynamics/environment module are running in respective PC with different speed. A low earth orbiting rigid satellite under the effects of several environmental disturbances was implemented. Three attitude control laws for the vehicle had been tested and the results were compared with the simulations by a none real-time PC.

出版狀態Published - 1997
事件Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, 1997 - New Orleans, United States
持續時間: 1997 八月 111997 八月 13


OtherModeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, 1997
國家/地區United States
城市New Orleans

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