Penile cancer in Taiwan - 20 years' experience at National Taiwan University Hospital

Tsu Yih Chiu, Ho Shiang Huang, Ming Kuen Lai, Jun Chen, Teh Sheng Hsieh, Shih Chieh Chueh

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To analyze the characteristics and prognostic factors of penile cancer in Taiwanese, we retrospectively reviewed the clinical data of patients with a diagnosis of penile cancer treated during a 20-year period (1977-1996) at National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH). Of 71 patients treated for penile cancer during the study period, 17 were referred from other hospitals or clinics. Our analyses focused on the 54 previously untreated patient. Growth on the penis was the main symptom in all cases. Palpable inguinal lymph nodes were found only in 14 patient. All 54 patients with primary tumors were treated surgically. Pathologic examination showed squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in 43 cases, extra-mammary Paget's disease in three, verrucous carcinoma in three, Bowen's disease in two, cutaneous lymphoma in two and basal cell carcinoma in one. Twenty-six (48%) patients had stage I penile cancer, 13 (24%) had stage II, seven (13%) had stage III, and eight (15%) had stage W cancer. The five-year survival rate was 78% among patients with SCC and 84% among those with nonsquamous malignancies (p=0.80). The five-year cumulative survival rates according to Jackson's cancer stage were 100% for patients with stage I, 88.9% for those with stage II, 66.7% for those with stage III, and 0% for those with stage IV (p<0.001). Tumor staging (p=0.027) and adjuvant chemotherapy (p=0.042) were found to be the most significant prognostic factors. Penile cancer accounted for 0.254% of all malignancies among male patients at the NTUH during the study period. Our findings indicate that penile cancer is uncommon in Taiwanese and its prognosis is closely related to tumor staging and management. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment may lead to prolonged survival.

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期刊Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
出版狀態Published - 1998 十月

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