Personality and motivational factors predicting internet abuse at work

Jengchung V. Chen, William H. Ross, Hsiao Han Yang

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The present study investigates whether a personality variable (Locus of Control) and motivational factors rooted in Uses & Gratifications theory (the desire for virtual community, beautiful websites, maintaining interpersonal relations, and the desire for diversion & entertainment) predict Internet abuse at work in the form of shopping, searching for information unrelated to work, and communicating with friends. Data were analyzed for 320 participants, all of whom were employed and had access to computers at work. Results indicate that external Locus of Control predicts all three forms of Internet abuse. The desire to use the Internet for diversion and entertainment purposes predicts only online shopping and searching for non-work-related information. Results suggest that factors predicting some forms of Internet abuse may not predict other forms of Internet abuse. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

出版狀態Published - 2011 一月 1

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