Persuasive design for products leading to health and sustainability using case-based reasoning

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This study proposes a novel method for facilitating product design that persuades users to have more bodily movements for both health and energy harvesting by using concepts of case-based reasoning. A domain knowledge model for case-based reasoning is proposed to explain how design and technology can help persuade users to perform target behavior. There are five groups of attributes in the model including target behavior, design principles, design techniques, applicable technology, and users' motives and ability. With the model, knowledge from more than 98 cases are extracted to form a case library. To find better persuasive means for different user groups, significant users' motives and ability are identified for different target users by using regression models which result from a questionnaire survey of local potential users. A case-based method with a six-step procedure is proposed to find some useful suggestions from retrieved cases by specifying target users and target behaviors. An illustrative example is presented to demonstrate the application potential of the proposed method.

期刊Sustainability (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2016

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