Phase equilibria, thermodynamic assessment, and the mechanical property of B2 phase of the Al-Ga-Ni ternary system

Chih han Yang, Fang yao Wu, Shih kang Lin

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Ni-based alloys, known for their exceptional mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance in harsh environments, are extensively utilized in gas-turbine engines for propulsion and energy generation. Of particular interests are the L12-Ni3Al and B2-NiAl phases in Al-Ni alloy, which can be the strengthening phases for superalloy and high temperature structural materials, respectively. After Ga addition in the Al-Ni system, these promising intermetallic compounds form a continuous compositional range encompassing the L12-Ni3(Al, Ga) and B2-Ni(Al, Ga) phases. They exhibited distinct mechanical properties contingent on the ratio of Al to Ga. Additionally, Ni and Al are the commonly used substrates in the electronic package and Ga has been used as a filler material for interconnection. Hence, the Al-Ga-Ni phase equilibria are of practical importance for designing L12-Ni3(Al, Ga) and/or B2-Ni(Al, Ga) phase-dispersed Ni-based alloys as well as for evaluating interfacial reactions in the Al/Ga/Ni contacts. However, the Al-Ga-Ni ternary system remains relatively unexplored. In this study, Al-Ga-Ni isothermal sections at 600 (Ni-lean), 900, and 1000 (Ni-rich) °C were experimentally constructed based on equilibrated alloys. Additionally, a CALPHAD-type thermodynamic assessment for the Al-Ga-Ni ternary system was comprehensively performed based on all available experimental information. Furthermore, the Young's modulus and hardness of four B2-Al(Ga, Ni) compounds were determined, revealing that the addition of Ga to B2-NiAl phase would lead to a significant decrease in Young's modulus but a notable enhancement in hardness.

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