Phosphors based on nitridosilicates: Synthesis methods and luminescent properties

Shyan Lung Chung, Shu Chi Huang, Wei Chi Chou, Wira Wibisono Tangguh

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Nitridosilicate-based phosphor materials have the advantages of high thermal and chemical stability, high quantum efficiency, long wavelength (red or orange-red) emission and excitation matching the emission of InGaN LED chips. Nitridosilicate phosphors are thus ideal for application in white LED lighting so as to improve the color rendering, service life and luminescent efficiency of the presently commercialized LED lighting devices. Many methods have been developed for the synthesis of nitridosilicate phosphors. Most of these methods require to be carried out under severe synthesis conditions and many of them utilize costly and oxygen or moisture sensitive chemicals as starting materials. In this paper, the methods developed for the synthesis of rare-earth doped nitridosilicate phosphors are reviewed and their luminescent properties are summarized and discussed.

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期刊Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2014 2月

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