Photodecomposition of water catalyzed by Zr- and Ti-MCM-41

S. H. Liu, H. Paul Wang, Y. J. Huang, Y. M. Sun, K. S. Lin, M. C. Hsiao, Y. S. Chen

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Generation from H2 via photocatalytic decomposition of water has attracted much attention from the viewpoint of conversion of solar energy into chemical fuels. The photodecomposition of water catalyzed by Zr- and Ti-MCM-41 was studied. As the photocatalytic time increased under UV irradiation, the H2 yields increased. The H2 yield on Zr-MCM-41 was ∼ 7 mmole H2/hr-ZrO2. The enhancement of Zr-MCM-41 was over 80 times if compared to the bulk ZrO2. The Ti-MCM-41 also possessed an enhancement of ∼ 77 times for the H2 yield (over TiO2). Thus, the photodecomposition of H2O was enhanced by the Zr and Ti in the framework of MCM-41.

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期刊Energy Sources
出版狀態Published - 2003

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