Photoinduced reaction in collinear aligned Mg+-CO2 complexes

C. S. Yeh, K. F. Willey, D. L. Robbins, M. A. Duncan

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Mg+-CO2 ion-molecule complexes are produced in a pulsed nozzle molecular beam cluster source. Spectroscopic studies, in coordination with ab initio calculations, confirm that these complexes are linear and that the bonding is primarily electrostatic (ion-quadrupole forces). Excited-state energies and the symmetries of the orbitals involved are well characterized. Photoexcitation of these complexes near the 2S → 2P atomic resonance line results in both simple cleavage of the electrostatic bond and a metal ion insertion reaction, producing the products Mg+ + CO2 and MgO+ + CO, respectively. The reactive channel is sharply wavelength dependent and occurs only in an excited state which has the Mg+ p orbital aligned on the internuclear axis.

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期刊Journal of Physical Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 1992

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