Photon-Induced Spintronic Polaron Channel Modulator of CeO2- x NP Thin Films Hydrogen Evolution Cells

Yi Sheng Lai, Yen Hsun Su

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Water splitting cells are the green energy generation and storage devices for saving the energy risk. Hydrogen and oxygen gases are the most important source in fuel cells. Here, a photogalvanic spin battery is observed by generating spin-polarized charge currents without spin orbital coupling under the irradiation of the coherent circularly h−/−h− circular polarization light as the photogalvanic spin battery in water splitting cells. The polaron generated by the O vacancy and Ce ions at the CeO2 nanoparticle surface corresponding to coherent h−/–h− angular momentum circular polarization light injection is utilized in spintronic electrons generation and a modulator. Polaron channel raises the charge mobility to 2.19 × 1015 m2 (V s)−1. The energy conversion efficiency of the polaron modulated spintronic electrons hydrogen evolution water splitting cell with optical spin injection is as high as 161% and the spin polarization is up to 75%. The polaron modulated spintronic electrons are successfully applied in water splitting and hydrogen evolution devices, serving as a photogalvanic spin small-polaron cell. The energy conversion efficiency and spintronics controlling systems of the water splitting are well controlled and can provide actual benefits in near future.

期刊Advanced Electronic Materials
出版狀態Published - 2019 1月

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