Pixel Circuit with Leakage Prevention Scheme for Low-Frame-Rate AMOLED Displays

Chih Lung Lin, Jui Hung Chang, Po Cheng Lai, Li Wei Shih, Sung Chun Chen, Mao Hsun Cheng

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This work proposes a new pixel circuit for active-matrix organic light-emitting (AMOLED) smartwatch displays with a low frame rate. Within the long emission period, the leakage current of a low-temperature polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistor (LTPS TFT) is reduced to suppress the distortion of the driving voltage at the gate node of the driving TFT. Based on the measured electrical characteristics of a fabricated p-type LTPS TFT, the HSPICE model is established to verify the feasibility of the proposed circuit. The analytical results indicate that the relative OLED current error rates are all below 4.73%, as the threshold voltage of TFT varies by ±0.5 V. Notably, the OLED current varies by only 2.94% during the emission period of 66.7 ms at a medium gray level, demonstrating the effectiveness of the leakage prevention scheme.

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期刊IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society
出版狀態Published - 2020

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