Plasma-induced TCO texture of ZnO:Ga back contacts on silicon thin film solar cells

Kuang Chieh Lai, Jen Hung Wang, Chun Hsiung Lu, Fu Ji Tsai, Chih Hung Yeh, Mau Phon Houng

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This paper considers texturing of ZnO:Ga (GZO) films used as back contacts in amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film solar cells. GZO thin films are first prepared by conventional methods. The as-deposited GZO surface properties are modified so that their use as back contacts on a-Si solar cells is enhanced. Texturing is performed by simple dry plasma etching in a CVD process chamber,at power=100 W, substrate temperature=190 °C (temperature is held at 190 °C because thin film solar cells are damaged above 200 °C), pressure=400 Pa and process gas H2 flow=700 sccm. Conventional a-Si solar cells are fabricated with and without GZO back contact surface treatment. Comparison of the with/without texturing GZO films shows that plasma etching increases optical scattering reflectance and reflection haze. SEM and TEM are used to evaluate the morphological treatment-induced changes in the films. Comparison of the a-Si solar cells with/without texturing shows that the plasma treatment increases both the short-circuit current density and fill factor. Consequently, a-Si solar cell efficiency is relatively improved by 4.6%.

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期刊Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
出版狀態Published - 2011 2月

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