Portable and programmable clinical EOG diagnostic system

S. C. Chen, T. T. Tsai, C. H. Luo

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Monitoring eye movements is clinically important in diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system. Electrooculography (EOG) is one method of obtaining such records which uses skin electrodes, and utilizes the anterior posterior polarization of the eye. A new EOG diagnostic system has been developed that utilizes two off-the-shelf portable notebook computers, one projector and simple electronic hardware. It can be operated under Windows 95, 98, NT, and has significant advantages over any other similar equipment, including programmability, portability, improved safety and low cost. Especially, portability of the instrument is extremely important for acutely ill or handicapped patients. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the techniques of computer animation, data acquisition, real time analysis of measured data, and database management to implement a portable, programmable and inexpensive contacting EOG instrument. It is very convenient to replace the present expensive, inflexible and large-sized commercially available EOG instruments. A lot of interesting stimulation patterns for clinical application can be created easily in different shape, time sequence, and colour by programming in Delphi language. With the help of Winstar (a software package that is used to control I/O and interrupt functions of the computer under Windows 95, 98, NT), the I/O communication between two notebook computers and A/D interface module can be effectively programmed. In addition, the new EOG diagnostic system is battery operated and it has the advantages of low noise as well as isolation from electricity. Two kinds of EOG tests, pursuit and saccade, were performed on 20 normal subjects with this new portable and programmable instrument. Based on the test result, the performance of the new instrument is superior to the other commercially available instruments. In conclusion, we hope that it will be more convenient for doctors and researchers to do the clinical EOG diagnosis and basic medical science research by using this new creation.

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期刊Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2000 十一月 25

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  • Biomedical Engineering

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