Postannealing effect on ITO/p+-GaP with a diffused layer

H. M. Lo, S. C. Shei, X. F. Zeng, S. J. Chang, H. Y. Lin

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In this study, indium tin oxide (ITO) films were deposited on p-type GaP films with a AuBe diffused metal layer to form ohmic contacts. Without the AuBe diffused into p-GaP films, the ITO deposited on p-GaP showed a non-ohmic characteristic. After the AuBe diffused, the ITO deposited on p-GaP displayed a linear current-voltage characteristic and the specific contact resistance showed 2.63 10-4 ω cm2+. Furthermore, the specific contact resistance could be improved to 1.57 10-4 ωcm2+ when the sample post-annealed at 400C. The transmittance of ITO film almost was kept at 90% in the wavelength range of 400-700 nm after thermal annealing. These results revealed that the ITO films can be a suitable transparent current spreading layer for the fabrication of AlGaInP-based light-emitting diodes with a AuBe diffused metal layer.

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期刊Journal of the Electrochemical Society
出版狀態Published - 2011

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