Postpartum Psychosocial Changes Among Experienced and Inexperienced Mothers in Taiwan

Chich Hsiu Hung, Ching Yun yu, Shun Jen Chang, Joel Stocker

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Purpose: To compare differences in psychosocial changes among experienced and first-time mothers over 6 postpartum weeks. Design: A trend research study design. Method: A cohort of 439 first-time mothers and 420 experienced mothers during the 6 postpartum weeks was recruited in southern Taiwan. Each participant was interviewed over the phone to complete the Hung Postpartum Stress Scale, the Social Support Scale, and the Chinese Health Questionnaire. Findings: Concern about lack of social support was significantly higher in first-time mothers in the third week than in the first week. Conclusions: Postpartum stressors are different for inexperienced and experienced mothers, and these stressors vary in their importance over the 6 postpartum weeks, suggesting that the postpartum nursing needs of the two groups in 6 postpartum weeks may be different. Implication for Practice: Knowledge and skills in mothering capability should be emphasized for first-time mothers, and physical exercises are needed for both groups of mothers.

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期刊Journal of Transcultural Nursing
出版狀態Published - 2011 7月

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