Postural responses to yaw rotation of support surface

Chiung Ling Chen, Shu Zon Lou, Hong Wen Wu, Shyi Kuen Wu, Kwok Tak Yeung, Fong-chin Su

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The purposes of this study were to investigate EMG and kinematic responses to yaw rotation of a support surface. Twenty people participated in four conditions, i.e., two velocities (240°/s, 120°/s) and two amplitudes (30°, 15°). Longer latency and smaller muscle responses were induced for yaw rotation, and distal ankle and knee muscles were activated earlier than trunk and neck muscles. Joint kinematics demonstrated larger angular displacements in axial rotation. Velocity and amplitude did not affect onset latency or magnitude of muscle activation but had significant effects on joint movements and COM displacements. Preliminary information about normative data of healthy subjects was obtained, and questions were generated about optimal velocity and amplitude test protocols that require further investigation.

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期刊Gait and Posture
出版狀態Published - 2013 2月 1

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  • 骨科和運動醫學
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