Precision Health Care for Older Adults: The Geri-FORCE Case Management System

Fang Ru Yueh, Yi Hsuan Lin, Po Hsuan Lai, Fang Wen Hu, Chia Ming Chang

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Health problems in older adults are often concomitant with multiple comorbidities and geriatric syndromes that involve the psychological and social domains. Traditional models of disease care address the health problems of older adults inadequately. Therefore, we applied a case management framework (assess, plan, act, coordinate, evaluate and interact) to discuss how to implement an elderly-centered approach to integrated care that integrates comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and continuous care. The Geriatrics Formulated by Outcome Related Care & Empowerment (Geri-FORCE) was developed by the Formosan Association of Care and Education for the Seniors to help establish a geriatric case management system grounded in precision health care. We propose developing an informatics technology system for older adults that integrates the Geri-FORCE model with case management. This system should accurately identify the main health problems in older adults and provide a care plan that is patient-tailored, integrated, and continuous. We expect that the developed Geri-FORCE case management system wi l l i mprove qual it y of care and promote healt h whi le reducing care burdens and costs.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 2022 4月

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