Prediction of the transient performance of induction machines

W. C. Lin, C. E. Lin, C. L. Huang, S. L. Chen, Y. T. Wang

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This paper demonstrates an effective method to predict the transient performance of induction machines. In the proposed method, a simplified transformation between the conventional steady-state equivalent-circuit model and the phase-variable or d-q models is derived. From the conventional steady-state equivalent-circuit model, data obtained from short-circuit and open-circuit tests can offer sufficient information for the purpose of transient prediction. The transient response of induction machines can therefore be predicted by the phase-variable or d-q models through this transformation. From the results obtained, the simulated transient response is shown to be in close agreement with that from experiments. It is concluded that the proposed technique is convenient for data acquisition and can offer sufficient accuracy for transient prediction.

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期刊Electric Power Systems Research
出版狀態Published - 1986 五月

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  • 能源工程與電力技術
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