Prenatal depiction of cystic hygroma using three-dimensional ultrasound

Lin Kang, Chiung-Hsin Chang, Chen-Hsiang Yu, Yueh Chin Cheng, Fong Ming Chang

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Prenatal diagnosis of fetal cystic hygroma is very important in clinical medicine. In this series, we report our work of detecting cystic hygroma using three-dimensional (3-D) ultrasound (US). We reviewed our computer database of prenatal diagnosis on cystic hygroma in National Cheng Kung University Hospital from May 1995 to June 2000. All the fetuses were initially scanned by a high-resolution, real-time, 2-D US scanner and subsequently by a 3-D US scanner. In total, 23 cases of fetal cystic hygroma were diagnosed in utero. The range of gestational age at prenatal diagnosis by US was between 11 and 24 weeks, and 91% were diagnosed before 21 weeks. Among them, 8 cases (35%) were Turner syndrome (45,X), and 10 cases (43%) were complicated with hydrops fetalis. Although the diagnostic rates by 2-D US and 3-D US were both 100% (23 of 23), notably, 3-D US can provide additional vivid illustrations in 3-D after various modes of reconstruction, but 2-D US cannot. In conclusion, 3-D US may add novel visual depiction of the lesion in 3-D after reconstruction and, thus, assists substantially in prenatal consultation.

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期刊Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
出版狀態Published - 2002 七月 22

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