Preparation and characterization of In2O3 films with (111) preferred orientation

Chin Chung Yu, Kai Shun Yang, Ho Chang, Jiann Shing Lee, Jun Yang Lai, Pei Yu Chuang, Jung Chun Andrew Huang, An Cheng Sun, Fu Chiao Wu, Horng Long Cheng

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In this study, In2O3 films were prepared by three methods and resulted in three different film structures. We firstly produced In2O3 polycrystal films by the evaporation of In source under oxygen ambient. In the second attempt, In2O3(111) films were fabricated by oxidation of In films. The surface scattering contributed to the resistivity of the oxidized In film and resulted a poor conductivity. As the third approach, a combination of the first and the second way, we prepared an ultrathin In film, oxidized it, and made it served as a seeding layer in the evaporation of In source under oxygen ambient. Due to the specific fabrication, we obtained the In2O3(111) films, in which a better conductivity and a smooth surface were observed in the In 2O3(111) film through the third approach.

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出版狀態Published - 2014 四月

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