Preparation and properties of polybenzoxazole-silica nanocomposites via sol-gel process

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A novel organic/inorganic hybrid material has been prepared through the sol-gel process. A high temperature polymer, polybenzoxazole (PBO), was chosen as the organic phase due to its inherent low dielectric constant and low water absorption. The inorganic phase was generated via sol-gel reaction from a silica precursor, phenyltriethoxysilane (PTEOS). Due to the hydroxyl groups in the PBO precursor backbone and the water release during the cyclization of the precursor, the sol-gel reaction proceeded without the addition of water and any catalyst. After curing at 350 °C, we obtained the PBO/silica nanocomposites. From TEM and SEM photographs, the silica particles dispersed in the PBO matrix were nano-sized. With an addition of 100 wt% of PTEOS, the Tg of PBO was increased 35 °C. The dielectric constant of the hybrid materials increased with the increasing amount of PTEOS.

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期刊European Polymer Journal
出版狀態Published - 2007 二月

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