Preparation and thermal stability of boron-containing phenolic resin/clay nanocomposites

Duan Chih Wang, Geng Wen Chang, Yun Chen

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In order to further improve thermal stability of the phenolic resins, we combined boron and clay with phenolic resins to prepare nanocomposites (BH-B, BP-B, and BE-B series). Boron-containing phenolic resin/clay (montmorillonite) nanocomposites were prepared using in situ polymerization of resol-type phenolic resins. Montmorillonite (MMT) was modified by benzyldimethylhexadecylammonium chloride (BH), benzyldimethyphenylammonium chloride (BP), and benzyltriethylammonium chloride (BE). X-ray diffraction measurements and transmission electron microscope (TEM) observations showed that clay platelets were partially exfoliated after complete curing of the phenolic resins. Thermogravimetric analysis showed that thermal decomposition temperatures (Td) and residual weight at 790 °C of cured boron-containing nanocomposites were much higher than the corresponding nanocomposites without boron. For example, the rise in decomposition temperature of BE-B10% is about 42 °C (from 520 to 566 °C), whereas the increase in char yields is 6.4% (from 66.2% to 72.6%). However, the boron-containing composites were more prone to absorb moisture (ca. 9-14%) than boron-free ones (ca. 3-4%), which was attributed to unreacted or partially reacted boric acid during preparation process.

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期刊Polymer Degradation and Stability
出版狀態Published - 2008 一月

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