Preparation of Ni/Zn and NiO/ZnO heterojunction nanowires and their optoelectrical characteristics

Wei Chih Tsai, Shui Jinn Wang, Chih Ren Tseng, Rong Ming Ko, Jia Chuan Lin

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In this study, well-ordered and vertically-aligned metal (nickel (Ni)/zinc (Zn)) and metal oxides (NiO/ZnO) nano heterojunctions (NHJs) were grown inside the nanopores of anodic aluminum oxide template (AAOT) using electrochemical deposition (ECD) and thermal oxidization. The prepared NHJs are with a controllable length and diameter. The electrical properties of NiO/ZnO NHJs show a rectifying behavior of a p-n junction, while the Ni/Zn NHJs show an ohmic behavior. The optoelectronic characteristics demonstrate that the NiO/ZnO NHJs have fairly good sensitivity and response to the ultraviolet (UV) light (366 nm) with decrease in Vth by about 75% and an increase in Jr by about 80% @ 6 mW/cm2. The low dimension of NHJs shows profound quantum confinement effect, which would be potential applications on nano integrated photonics, such as photodetectors, optical sensors and biosensors.

主出版物標題Optical Sensors 2009
出版狀態Published - 2009 十月 22
事件Optical Sensors 2009 - Prague, Czech Republic
持續時間: 2009 四月 202009 四月 22


名字Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering


OtherOptical Sensors 2009
國家Czech Republic

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