Pressure effect on magnetization in quasi-1D double-chain material NaV 2O4

K. F. Tseng, C. J. Ho, C. C. Chou, C. L. Huang, H. Sakurai, H. D. Yang

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From the pressure and temperature dependent magnetization measurements, we observed that quasi-1D half-metallic NaV2O4 showed coexistence of field independent antiferromagnetic (AFM) transition at T N = 143 K and two field dependent subphases at 1 T ≤ H ≤ 5 T. The two characteristic temperatures, TN1 and TN2 are associated with the two AFM subphases. Under applied field (H), TN and TN1 remained almost unchanged, while TN2 moved in accordance with the relation TN2 = 117.2 + 8.9H - 3.8H2. We have also measured magnetization at H = 1 T under different pressure and temperature. TN and TN1 were found to decrease almost linearly with increasing pressure, and the value of dTN/dP was comparable to that as reported previously. Interestingly, TN2 was also found to follow a similar equation under pressure (P), namely T N2 = 124.45 + 0.10P - 0.011P2. This is considered to be due to the nonlinear variation of the lattice constant along a-axis indicating anomalous spin ordering along this direction (perpendicular to the VO 6 double chains) under applied pressure or field.

期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態Published - 2010

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