Production efficiency and geographical location of Chinese coal enterprises - undesirable EBM DEA

Peng Wu, Yiqing Wang, Yung ho Chiu, Ying Li, Tai Yu Lin

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China's economic and social development is expected to depend on coal as a primary energy source for at least the next two decades until there is a significant rise in the availability of clean energy. As China's main source of energy, the relatively low coal production level has been a key reason for the low overall energy efficiency. Further, the implementation of environmental protection policies has also constrained the use coal as an energy source in heavily polluting industries. Therefore, research into coal efficiency is necessary to ensure the future of coal energy. This paper used an EBM evaluation model to analyze the production efficiency of coal enterprises at the micro level, and then analyzed the efficiency of coal enterprise input and output factors using coal mine data from 2015-2017f sources from a large Chinese coal company. It was found that the inputs and output inefficiencies were mainly affected by radial inefficiencies, that most mines needed significant improvements, that the mining areas closer to the city center needed significantly greater improvements, and that mines further from the city were generally more efficient.

期刊Resources Policy
出版狀態Published - 2019 十二月

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