Profile of elderly with multiple physician visits: Advocacy for tailored comprehensive geriatric assessment use in clinics

Mei Chen Kuo, Chii Jeng, Ching Min Chen, Wen Shan Jian

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Aim: The rapid growth of the elderly population has given rise to the need for better geriatric care. The present study explored the common conditions of elderly outpatients with multiple physician visits in order to develop feasible clinical indicators that can be rapidly administered for the evaluation of geriatric syndromes in outpatient settings. Methods: The National Health Insurance Research Database (2008) was analyzed. Claims for elderly outpatients with more than two physician visits in the same day were retrieved. The primary diagnoses, types of prescriptions and comorbidities were cross-examined. Results: The overall prevalence rate for elderly patients with multiple physician visits ranged from 28.41% to 39.40%, and which increased steadily with age. A maximum of seven physician visits in a single day was observed. The most common multiple physician visit was two visits per day, with a prevalence rate of 30.97%. The two most common accompanying conditions were hypertension (3.79%) and type2 diabetes mellitus (3.68%). There was a greater relative increase in the prevalence of senile dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in older age groups. The three overall leading specialties were cardiology, internal medicine, and ophthalmology; however, rehabilitation medicine was the most common female-specific specialty. The most commonly prescribed medications were antihypertension drugs. The most prevalent comorbidity was type2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Conclusion: We conclude that our data represent crucial information for the design of concise assessment metrics for application to the most chronic conditions in an effort to implement better geriatric healthcare.

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期刊Geriatrics and Gerontology International
出版狀態Published - 2014

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