Progress in the production of polarized 3He in Jülich

R. Mueller, L. J. Chang, St Appelt, W. Haesing, Ch Horriar-Esser, A. Ioffe, Th Brückel

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The implementation in Jülich of 3He spin filters for neutrons has progressed substantially. Apparatus for polarization via metastable 3He atoms in an RF-excited plasma has been constructed and polarization of 3He above 60% has been achieved. The compressors now in construction have been designed with the major goal of bringing of all components containing polarized gas as close as possible, thereby, minimizing the length of connecting lines which otherwise contribute excessively to polarization losses on account of their unfavorable ratio of surface to volume. The compressors are the result of a cooperative effort between groups at HMI (Berlin) and IFF (Jülich). For the spin-exchange method we are working on a new approach, namely, the use of potassium instead of the standard choice, rubidium, as the alkali metal. We expect a much higher polarization of the 3He nuclei due to the much higher efficiency of K-3He spin transfer. In addition, we plan tests of filter cells including two separate chambers. One chamber is where the 3He is continuously optically polarized while the filter is in the neutron beam while the other chamber is the actual neutron spin filter. In this way, we can achieve a better environment for each of these vital functions. The transfer of the polarization will be by diffusion and convection.

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期刊Physica B: Condensed Matter
出版狀態Published - 2003 7月
事件Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on PNCMI 2002 - Julich, Germany
持續時間: 2002 9月 162002 9月 19

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