Properties of indium, gallium, and Ga-In alloys in confined geometry

E. V. Charnaya, Cheng Tien, M. K. Lee, Yu A. Kumzerov

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The review of our recent studies is focused on properties of nanocomposites consisted of opal and porous glass matrices which pores are filled with gallium, indium, and their alloys. The atomic mobility in confined melts, melting and freezing in metallic particles within pores, and changes in the Knight shift of NMR lines in the nanocomposites will be discussed. The experimental results were obtained by NMR, acoustic and resistance measurements, and X-ray powder diffraction. Atomic diffusion in confined melts was found to slow down drastically compared to the bulk counterparts. Additional slowing down in atomic mobility was observed for the confined metals in the supercooled state. The Knight shift of the NMR lines which is proportional to the electron susceptibility was shown to decrease in liquid confined metals and alloys. The melting and crystallization for metallic components of nanocomposites were noticeably moved to lower temperatures and strongly diffused. New crystalline phases of gallium were found to emerge under nanoconfinement.

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出版狀態Published - 2013 1月

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