Prototype system for pursuing firm's core capability

Chinho Lin, Ming Lung Hsu, David C. Yen, Ping Jung Hsieh, Hua Ling Tsai, Tsung Hsien Kuo

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Core capabilities are critical abilities that enhance and sustain an organization's competitive advantage in extremely competitive environments. In today's complex and dynamic business environment, companies are often prevented from effectively and efficiently evaluating relevant factors necessary for developing their core capability strategic systems. These systems, with inherent human decision-making processes, should be fully considered when creating a method for determining a firm's suitable or required core capabilities. It is helpful to implement IT-based group decision support systems (GDSS) with soft computing algorithms to assist managers in determining the appropriate core capabilities for the firm. Therefore, this study develops a holistic group decision support system in which similarity measures, fuzzy set theory, and fuzzy mathematics programming are implemented to facilitate managers in making decisions. Through evaluations done in actual cases, we have found that this system creates a flexible and user-friendly environment that aids top management and other relevant staff members in evaluating all relevant factors related to core capabilities.

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期刊Information Systems Frontiers
出版狀態Published - 2013 7月

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