Pr3+ doped LaTiNbO6 as a single phosphor for white LEDs

Xiaoding Qi, Chieh Min Liu, Chung Chiang Kuo

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A structurally disordered host crystal, LaTiNbO6, has been doped with the Pr3+ ions emitting at two wavelength regions that could be mixed to give out white light. In agreement with the structural design, the samples showed inhomogeneously broadened transition lineshape arising from the disorder, which is not only efficient for the absorption of blue LED sources, but also insensitive to temperature variations. Aeschynite-structured LaTiNbO6 allowed doping of up to 100% Pr3+ without phase segregation. The samples gave out two clusters of dominant emissions peaked at 490 nm (3P0 3H4) and 609 nm (3P0 3H6), respectively, whose relative intensities could be tuned by the doping level to give a desired chromaticity.

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期刊Journal of Alloys and Compounds
出版狀態Published - 2010 三月 4

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