Pyrolysis of spill oils adsorbed on zeolites with product oils recycling

Chun Kuo Tsai, Chang Yu Liao, H. Paul Wang, Yi Chi Chien, Chih Ju G. Jou

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Experimentally, a feasibility study for adsorption and catalytic pyrolysis of spill oils on Cu/ZSM-5 for recycling of light oils has been conducted in the present work. The adsorption and pyrolysis of model compounds such as heptane, toluene, and diesel (to stimulate the spill oils) on Cu/ZSM-5 have been investigated on a continuous fixed-bed reactor. By component fitted X-ray absorption near edge structural (XANES) spectroscopy, catalytic active species such as metallic copper (Cu) (77-84%) and Cu2O (6-7%) are found in the channels of ZSM-5 during pyrolysis of heptane or toluene. Pyrolysis of diesel effected by Cu/ZSM-5 yields gas (C1-C5) (32%) and light oil (68%) that can be used as auxiliary fuels.

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期刊Marine Pollution Bulletin
出版狀態Published - 2008 4月 7

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