Quantification of quality-of-presentations (QOPs) for multimedia synchronization schemes

Chung Ming Huang, Ruey Yang Lee

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Storing different numbers of media units in advance can guarantee different levels of synchronization qualities. That is, allocating some buffers at the receive client site can smooth intra/inter asynchrony anomalies, which are the side effects of delay jitters. Additionally, the commencement of a multimedia presentation can be smoothly invoked after a pre-defined number of media units has been stored in each medium stream's buffer. To maintain synchronization qualities, video streams can adopt the non-blocking or the restricted blocking synchronization scheme, and audio streams can adopt the blocking synchronization scheme. In this paper, we derive mathematical relationships among associated parameters such that Quality Of Presentations (QOPs), i.e., intra-medium and inter-media asynchrony anomalies, for live continuous multimedia presentations can be analyzed. Using the mathematical analysis, trade-offs between QOPs and networking/system resources can be identified.

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期刊Computer Communication Review
出版狀態Published - 1996

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