Random laser behavior in Gold-doped Zinc Oxide nanorods structures

Abdullah Taha Ali, W. Maryam, Yu Wei Huang, H. C. Hsu, Naser M. Ahmed, N. Zainal, H. Abu Hassan

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The random laser was investigated in gold-doped Zinc Oxide nanorods (Audoped ZnO NRs) under a range of pumping power 0.25 - 4.66 mW. The Au-doped ZnO NRs prepared by chemical bath deposition (CBD) on the ZnO seed layer, were precoated on glass substrate using radio frequency magnetron sputtering (Rf-sputtering ). The morphological of Au-doped ZnO NRs shows a hexagonal and strong vertically alignment against the substrate. The Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDX) spectrum and elemental mapping results confirmed that Au atoms (at.%) are doped and spread over the ZnO NRs. More interestingly, the random laser of Au-doped ZnO shows a redshift of ~38 nm. This study showed the ability of using doping as a tuning parameter in the random laser, also provided an emphasis on Au-doped ZnO NRs as suitable options for controllable random laser devices.

期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態Published - 2021 11月 17
事件4th Photonics Meeting 2021, PM 2021 - Terengganu, Virtual, Malaysia
持續時間: 2021 9月 152021 9月 16

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