Ranking university libraries: The Taiwan case

Chiang Kao, Ya Chi Lin, L. C. Liang, S. C. Lo

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The present study develops a quantitative model for ranking university libraries. The ranking is based on five criteria: collections, personnel, expenditures, buildings, and services, derived from a thorough discussion by the directors of eleven university libraries in Taiwan. Resources and services are of major concern. The relative importance of each criterion is represented by a weight summarised from the assessment by the directors of the university libraries in Taiwan. In the comparison, observations from all criteria are collected and multiplied by the associated weights to produce a composite index. The index serves as a base for ranking the university libraries. In order to illustrate the method applied, the twenty-four university libraries in Taiwan are compared with real data. A robustness analysis shows that this method is very reliable in producing a ranking system for university libraries. Since the comparison is quantitative and represented by explicit numbers, directions and extent for making improvement is manifested.

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出版狀態Published - 1998

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