Rap(p)ing korean wave: National identity in question

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In this chapter, I have tried to demonstrate the gendered nature of the public sphere which leaves women no place to speak as authorities. Through deconstructing the meanings of the Korean wave articulated in Taiwan, I point out that, the most dominant discourse of the Korean wave is the discourse of economic nationalism which uses a rational and gentle mode of address to legitimize its domination through the rhetoric of the nation. However, this national space belongs to a few elite men only. The second discourse of the Korean wave, despite its employment of scatology, is elevated to the debate about cultural nationalism and circulated within the respected cultural space for (male) intellectuals. Male vulgarity is redeemed through its articulation as the essence of Taiwaneseness and is subsumed under the logic of the economy when articulated to the discourse of economic nationalism.

主出版物標題East Asian Pop Culture
主出版物子標題Analysing the Korean Wave
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