Real time motion fairing with unit quaternions

Y. C. Fang, C. C. Hsieh, M. J. Kim, J. J. Chang, T. C. Woo

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Though it may be tempting to smooth orientation data by filtering the Euler angles directly, it is noted that smoothed Euler angles do not necessarily yield a smooth motion. This is caused by the difference between the metric in the rotation group and that in the Euclidean space. The quaternions, which Hamilton discovered in 1853, provide a means for representing rotation. A unit quaternion, represented as a hypersphere in R4, has the same local topology and geometry as the rotation group. It thus provides a means for interpolating orientations. It is possible to achieve smooth rotation by filtering in quaternions the resulting quaternion may no longer be unitized. Fortunately, a unit quaternion curve, which represents the rotation path, can be derived by integrating the exponential map of the angular velocity. Unity of quaternions is thus maintained by filtering angular velocities. A lowpass filter coupled with an adaptive, mediative filter are employed to achieve smooth rotation motion in real time

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期刊CAD Computer Aided Design
出版狀態Published - 1998

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