Recent advance in anti-osteoporotic therapy

Hao-Chang Hung, Ming Che Chuang, Horng-Yih Ou, Shu Hwa Hsiao, Ta Jen Wu

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Osteoporosis is becoming a serious public health issue in the world. The major complication of osteoporosis is fracture, especially vertebral and hip. These fractures lead to a high one-year mortality rate, and burden not only economically but also socially. To prevent and treat osteoporosis is important due to the symptoms happened only after a fracture. The current management of osteoporosis includes non-pharmacologic, such as exercise, calcium and vitamin D, and pharmacologic therapy, such as bisphosphonates, estrogen, SERM, calcitonin, strontium ranelate and iPTH. The effects of combination therapy, sequential therapy and developing medications on bone mineral density and fracture risk reduction will be clarified in the future.

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期刊Journal of Internal Medicine of Taiwan
出版狀態Published - 2007 12月 1

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